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I am in love with birth, the very first breaths of new life and the incredible journey that precedes it. I am in love with life and the stories that accompany a life well lived. Everyday moments that take your breath away are my favorite. I specialize in birth and day in the life family photography, where my intention is to capture authentic moments and create heirloom quality photographs that can be passed down through the generations. Based in Canal Winchester and serving families within Central Ohio primarily, also available for travel.


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Have a question or idea for a session with me? I love meeting and working with new families and there's a good chance we will become fast friends! 



The photos that Marcy captured will forever and ever hold such a special place in my heart. They couldn’t be a more perfect representation of the bond and love my children and I share. Her attention to the details...ripped jeans, little toes in water and my youngest son’s hand gripping mine tight are the fleeting moments I never want to forget. It’s as if she captured my heart on camera. My whole heart. I can’t thank her enough.
Marcy is fantastic... We enjoyed having her on site with us for my daughter’s birthday for photographs and she blended right in with our family! She made each of us feel special from my 80 year old parents to my 2 year old grandson!
Marcy is a colleague of mine. I’m constantly impressed with her work ethic, her loyalty and dedication to her clients, and her consistency to produce amazing work. She is an extremely talented human + a birth and lifestyle photographer.



My goal is to capture the very moments you hold most dear. The beautiful journey toward motherhood. The perfect imperfections, the little things that are easily overlooked, but become ingrained in your memory. I want your kids and their kids to look at the photographs we create and remember those moments with the fondness and love that existed on the day they were taken. 


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About Me

MY NAME IS marcy

I am passionate about documenting birth, life and love. As a momma of four, photographs of my kiddos and family are the keys to unlocking my memory. Over the years I have developed a style that is reflective of my love of capturing real-life authentic moments and details. Birth Stories and Day in the Life Family photo sessions have become the corner stone of my business. The families I photograph become my own and I treasure every moment I get to document for them.