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A Cesarean Section birth story at The Ohio State University Medical Center

At my first birth a spark was ignited in my heart. Birth captured my very soul. After returning home and reliving the birth experience through editing the photos, I felt it. I needed more. Photographing it wasn't all I felt called to. Helping birthing mothers before, during, and after birth is was my heart was being called to do. So I reached out. Asking expectant mothers if they were interested in having a doula or birth partner there during their birth. 

A doula is a person who helps calm, encourage, and support a mother through labor and post-partum with breastfeeding. During a cesarean section, a doula can dictate what is happening on the other side of the curtain and can help establish breastfeeding immediately following birth.

This momma wasn't sure how a doula could help during her scheduled c-section, but I assured her I would do everything I could to help her through and also be there to take photos so she and dad would be able to enjoy the moment fully. Her doctor decided last minute not to allow me into the OR, but I handed my camera off to poppa with a quick back button focus lesson and crossed my fingers he would get something in focus! Haha. He did a great job, and once baby was out the doc gave the ok for me to join them. 

The OR produced its own set of challenges, but it was a learning experience. I had never seen a c-section in real life and hopefully next time I will be in the room during the birth. The love these two parents have for their new little girl is breathtaking and absolutely shines through in these images.

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