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A fresh 48 story at Ketterington Medical Center

I met this family in the summer of 2015, when they had a beautiful family (of three) session at Rockmill. I snagged a few photos of momma by herself that evening because I thought she looked particularly stunning... a few weeks later she told me she is expecting. Now, I might sound a little crazy, but I think I just have a sixth sense for pregnancy hormones. Who wants to come let me test that theory? Haha.

When she told me about her pregnancy, I was in the very early stages of considering training to become a certified doula with DONA International, so obviously I became very interested when she said she and her doctor were totally all in for her to have a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). I committed to being her doula pretty much on the spot. We talked extensively for months about her birth, planning and talking about everything. (I mean, I'm kind of obsessed with birth.) 

Then the time came when she was going to have the baby.... and I kind of missed it. The first time I ever missed a birth. I was/am still devastated. We texted back and forth all day about how to get her progressing and how to avoid another cesarean.

Hours had passed and things were going slowly, but before they even had the chance to call me, momma shocked the nurses and was ready to push. Poppa called me in the wee hours of the morning and I jumped in the car rearing to go, but by the time I drove 20 minutes from home, she was too far along for me to get all the way to her before this amazing baby boy made his way earth-side. Disappointed, I turned my car around and went back home to let everyone rest before meeting back with them the next afternoon for a fresh 48 session with big brother. 

Isn't he just wide-eyed and gorgeous?! And that hair!!

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