Ohio Birth & Family Lifestyle Pricing


Documenting your family in the here and now is so important! Don't let the fear of imperfection stop you from having your real-life captured. Family sessions with me are fun, we do so much more than taking pictures. My intention is to help you create lasting family memories to behold for generations. All outdoor family sessions will be photographed at golden hour.

Family Stories start at $450 and include tangible photographs.



Whether it's documenting the first moments home with your newest addition,  bubble baths with your littles, family dinner with extended family, or just the normal everyday routine, in-home sessions are my favorites. There is so much love and life happening inside those walls, and it is the perfect place to have your family's memories preserved. 

In-home sessions start at $650 and include tangible photographs.


Whether you have been together for a couple months or a couple decades, your love is meant to be documented! These sessions can take place in-home or on-location and are intended to capture the authentic love shared between a couple. Sharing a walk through the park, a cup of coffee at your favorite little diner, or an evening at home cooking dinner together, whatever you like to do together is magic to be captured.

Love Stories start at $450 and include tangible photographs. 



Weddings are incredible events overflowing with love and life. From the details to the last dance every moment is perfect for documenting. 

Wedding stories start at $2250 and include tangible photographs.


The first birth I documented was early 2015, and from the moment I entered the birth room I was changed. Never before had I experienced the magic and miracle of birth the way I did documenting the first breath of a person's life. Sharing the moment a momma and poppa welcomed their first baby, a son, into this world was really the most incredible moment of my life and I am humbled beyond belief to be trusted to capture such an intimate and beautiful part of life.

Birth Stories start at $2850 and include on-call coverage and tangible photographs.


Fresh 48

Documenting your newborn within the first 48 hours of life is amazing. They change and grow so incredibly fast and those tiny fingers and toes need to be saved forever. The newness fades so quickly and the realness of life takes over, so in-hospital sessions are the perfect way to remind you how tiny and perfect your baby was right after birth.

Fresh 48 sessions start at $450 and include tangible photographs.


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